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Stoney Limousine Service

The community of Stoney Creek is a pleasant area which is located on the south shore of western Lake Ontario. Stoney Creek is located just east of Hamilton into which feed the watercourse of Stoney Creek as well as several other minor streams. It is easily approachable within forty-five minutes to downtown Toronto. Stoney Creek became a city in 1984 and till toady Stoney Creek retains its historical identify while serving as one of the most populous and fastest growing sectors of the new city. Stoney Creek is also considered a part of the Niagara Escarpment. The population of the community is approximately 60,000.

Stoney Creek is a pleasant locale and it has lots of parks and activities to entertain fun lovers. The geography of Stoney Creek allows its residents to live in either an urban, suburban, or rural area with each and every facility they want to have. Stoney Creek offers a great shopping place, recreational facilities, and employment opportunities to its residents. It is a small yet beautiful city with lots of facilities to offer its guests.

Stoney Creek is rightfully proud of Battlefield Park, site of the famous battle of 1813. On the extensive park grounds is Battlefield House, which contains a museum where you can learn about the area’s history, a monument to the battle. Stoney Creek is home to various other attractive places, you can enjoy visiting the city by hiring one personal limousine with designated chauffeur.

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