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Dundas Limousine Service

Dundas is a small historic town with quiet, tree-lined streets in the city of Hamilton in Ontario, Canada. It is nicknamed the Valley Town because of its topographical location at the bottom of the Niagara Escarpment on the Western edge of Lake Ontario. About 20,000 people live in the town that is technically part of the greater Hamilton area. Dundas, however, has retained quite a separate identity despite being amalgamated by Hamilton, in part because of its geographical position in a valley and surrounded by much green space.

Incorporated as a town in 1847, Dundas has remained a close-knit and family-friendly community. This small yet worldly town has a flourishing downtown core featuring historic 19th-century buildings and is a hub for arts, culture and recreation. An abundance of specialty shops and restaurants can also be found in the downtown area. There are several art galleries throughout Dundas, one worth visiting is The Carnegie Gallery, which has been around since 1910 and offers an array of stunning visual arts.

Dundas is located close to many natural attractions such as waterfalls and the lovely Dundas Peak, which offers scenic views of Dundas and the nearby Hamilton area. Many parks and gardens are also located nearby offering everything from hiking and biking opportunities to wildlife viewing. Dundas also hosts many annual events, such as the family-friendly Dundas International Buskerfest and the Dundas Cactus Festival. Downtown Dundas is still thriving, with many restaurants, boutiques and businesses many of which are housed in well-preserved 19th century architecture. It has been attracting thousands of visitors to area due to its beautiful and worth viewing attractions. You can make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable by hiring one personal limousine for you.

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