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London is a magnificent city in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, situated along the Quebec City–Windsor Corridor. London is one city that is justifiably proud of its clean streets, efficient transport system and neat suburbs. London owes its existence to a one- time governor of Upper Canada, John Graves Simcoe, who arrived in 1792 determined to develop the wilderness west of Lake Ontario. London was firmly established as the economic and administrative centre of a prosperous agricultural area. With a population of some 366,151 it remains so today.

London is a rich array of heritage sites, beautiful parks and natural areas, exceptional sports and community recreation facilities and a year-round calendar of special events are just a sampling of the many attractions that make London such an appealing place to enjoy leisure time.

The city of London has developed a strong focus towards education, health care, tourism, and manufacturing. London is home to Fanshawe College and the University of Western Ontario, which contributes to the city's reputation as an international centre of higher education, scientific research and cultural activity. The city hosts a number of musical and artistic exhibits. London's festivals are the main focusing points that contribute a lot to its tourism industry.

London has a large number of parks that attracts it visitors like Victoria Park in downtown London is a major centre of community events, attracting an estimated 1 million visitors per year. Other major parks include Harris Park, Gibbons Park, Fanshawe Conservation Area, Springbank Park, and Westminster Ponds. The city also caters you with good theaters and historic sites like Eldon House, John Labatt Centre, Orchestra London, The Grand Theatre and many more. You are sure to find various activities and entertainment sources that cater to your special interests. So whenever you get chance to visit London, you can add extra spark to your travel by hiring personal limousine for you.

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