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St. Catharine’s Limousine Service

The City of St. Catharine’s is abode to an array of attractions brimming with opportunities to experience the city's rich heritage, vibrant culture and extraordinary natural beauty. Structurally, the city was built as a communication force for the American forces to exchange vital information with Canada and has remained the structure that leads the communication between countries. Visually, this is a city of magnificent beauty, almost a blend of small town charm with the same convenience and commerce of a large city and a back road friendly attitude.

Experience the diversity of an urban and rural area all rolled into one when you visit the city of St. Catharine's, Ontario. It is known as the "Garden City of Ontario" because of the lush flowers that you see growing everywhere. This is the heart of the wine-growing region of the province, so you can take a tour of the wineries in the area. The city is conveniently located a few minutes from Niagara Falls and the US border and is only a two hour drive from Toronto.

There are plenty of botanical gardens for you to leisurely walk through and enjoy peace and quiet, if you like a more cultured look. The harbor front village of Port Dalhousie is a very picturesque setting with a living history museum of 19th century architecture. There are lighthouses along the pier and restaurants along the waterfront that you can drop into for a meal or a snack.

For the shopping enthusiast, St. Catharine's offers a unique shopping experience. The Downtown Mercantile district has more than 120 exclusive boutiques and diverse stores. There is also a wealth of restaurants in this area. The Wellands Canal Center will give you a glimpse into the history of boat traffic on the lakes of Ontario.

St. Catharine’s offers you chance to enjoy a ride on the 100-year old carousel in Lakeside Park, where the rides are still a nickel. The Rodman Hall Arts Center was once a regal home in the city and is now the focus of one of the most beautiful gardens of rhododendrons and lilies. Montebello Park was designed by the same architect as Central Park in New York City and has a bandstand and pavilion dating back to 1888.

It's easy to find St. Catharine’s with a personal limousine hired as it is well known as the largest and most impressive city in the territory. Here, any traveller can find the heart of the Canadian smile and some of the best little eating establishments around.

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